The benefits of cord blood banking

On your baby’s day of birth, you have the unique opportunity to save your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. Your growing baby is full of pure, potent stem cells that could be used to treat diseases later on in life.

Currently umbilical cord blood is used in the treatment of over 70 diseases including a wide range of immune system deficiencies and blood disorders (stem cell therapy). The tissue from the umbilical cord contains powerful stem cells that have the potential to repair damaged tissues such as cartilage, bone or muscle. (

Stem cell collection is a very simple, non-invasive and totally painless procedure for you and your baby.

Cryo-Save offers both local and international storage in South Africa and Belgium, for both cord blood and tissue.

To make this once in a lifetime opportunity more affordable we have 6 flexible payment options allowing you to save these precious stem cells as an insurance policy for your child.

Why umbilical cord stems cells are important for your family.

  • Stem cells are considered to be the basic building blocks of our body and are often referred to as Master Cells, having the potential to become almost any other cell.
  • There are currently over 70 blood related diseases being treated with cord blood stem cells around the world.
  • Umbilical cord stem cells will remain a perfect match for your baby and therefore eliminates the risk of tissue rejection in therapy.
  • Umbilical cord stem cells are likely to be a match for a sibling.
  • Umbilical cord stem cells are the preferred source for treatment, when compared to other sources of stem cells such as bone marrow.
  • These are pure, untainted stem cells that have never been exposed to viruses or diseases that a donor might carry.
  • Did you know it is legislation in 24 states in the USA, for doctors to educate their pregnant patients about cord blood storage?
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