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When it comes to making the decision of where to bank your newborn’s stem cells, you only get one chance to get it right.
That’s why more parents choose CryoSave.

CryoSave has successfully processed and stored cord blood and tissue stem cells for more than 18,000 children.
We have a team of medical experts worldwide working in collaboration with us, PBKM, CellSave USA, Dubai and Europe.

About us

CryoSave offers families across the region the most cutting-edge and all-inclusive stem cell banking services. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully collected and preserved stem cells from over 6 countries and have applied the most advanced technologies and highest industry standards. Our state-of-the-art stem cell laboratory in the heart of Pretoria is part of a global network, featuring advanced stem cell processing and storage facilities worldwide, located in Europe, Dubai and the USA.

Next generation stem cell banking solutions to suit your needs. We offer storage plans of 20 years or more and payment of storage fees. The daily maintenance and security of our state-of-the-art cryopreservation facility is of utmost importance for the sustainability of all our clients stem cells and we are committed to offering a high standard of service at the best price possible, with absolutely no hidden fees,  ultimately making cord blood banking more affordable than you think.


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CryoSave and its affiliates have been cryopreserving cord blood stem cells for South African clients for more than 20 years.– we have aligned our procedures in accordance with international quality standards and with worldwide best practice.
CryoSave South Africa was awarded AABB Accreditation in 2017. AABB is an international, not-for-profit association dedicated to the advancements of science and practice of transfusion medicine and related biological therapies. The association is committed to improving health by developing and delivering standards, accreditation and educational programmes and services to optimise patient and donor care and safety. This programme assists facilities around the world in achieving excellence by promoting a level of professional and technical expertise that contributes to quality performance and patient safety. CryoSave’s accreditation with AABB was renewed in 2019.

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